It’s a pleasure for us to introduce our company. Let us answer some of your questions...

Why Carfio?

The original name is derived from both owners’ names: Carmen Ferland and Fiore Zollo.

How was Les Élevages Carfio born?

It all started with the passion of Fiore for small game. From a young age, he left at dawn in the woods to study their behavior or to hunt them. Dreaming of owning a farm one day, Fiore designs a shack with a garden and filled with quails and bobwhites. Renting a barn is not far behind. Carfio takes shape.

In 1987, Carfio became an incorporated company and Carmen Ferland a partner.

Our hatchery

Carfio is known to be the only breeder in Canada to offer such a wide variety of birds bred freely in a giant aviary. Except during spawning, breeder birds always stay in the outdoor aviaries, a practice that ensures a generation of young healthy and vigorous birds. In addition, to eliminate all risks of contamination, Carfio only incubates the eggs coming from his own breeding.

Our Game for hunts

For the pleasure of hunting, Carfio offers birds to outfitters, sports associations and all companies wishing to organize a hunting party. The kinds of birds available are:

• Ringneck Pheasant
• Blue-Back Pheasant
• Chukar Partridge
• Bobwhite
• Eastern Wild Turkey

Our Consumer

In Carfio, we do not believe in industrialized farming. We believe that animals should be kept outdoors. As a bonus, the sun is an excellent source of vitamin and animals kept outdoors taste better, in addition to having a more nutritious meat. Our aviaries are sowed with sunflower, soybean, corn, clover and mustard. Our animals are well fed and treated with love and kindness.

We serve customers who go directly to the farm shop. We also serve restaurants, caterers and butchers. To maintain all the quality and nutritional value of the flesh, our game is sold fresh or frozen in a vacuum package of top quality.