It’s a pleasure for us to introduce our company. Let us answer some of your questions...

Why Carfio?

The original name is derived from both owners’ names: Carmen Ferland and Fiore Zollo.

How was Les Élevages Carfio born?

It all started with the passion of Fiore for small game. From a young age, he left at dawn in the woods to study their behavior or to hunt them. Dreaming of owning a farm one day, Fiore designs a shack with a garden and filled with quails and bobwhites. Renting a barn is not far behind. Carfio takes shape.

In 1987, Carfio became an incorporated company and Carmen Ferland a partner.

Our hatchery

Carfio is known to be the only breeder in Canada to offer such a wide variety of birds bred freely in a giant aviary. Except during spawning, breeder birds always stay in the outdoor aviaries, a practice that ensures a generation of young healthy and vigorous birds. In addition, to eliminate all risks of contamination, Carfio only incubates the eggs coming from his own breeding.