Our products are offered in three (3) main categories:

• Hatchery
• Gamebirds meat dressed
• Flight conditioned gamebirds


Carfio offers healthy and vigorous gamebirds born at the hatchery. These day old gamebirds are available from April to August. It is advisable to book early. Here is the list of day old gamebirds :

• Blue-Back Pheasant • Bobwhites
• Ring-necked Pheasant • French Guinea Fowl
• Chukar Partridge • Eastern Wild Turkey
• Coturnix Jumbo Quails
• Embden Goose • Muscovy Duck
• Africain Goose • Female Muscovy Duck
• Toulouse Goose • White Pekin Ducks
• Dewlap Toulouse Goose      • Male and female Mulard Ducks

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Gamebirds meats and consumer products

In ancient times, gamebirds were hunted by the people and offered to kings. Only they could enjoy such a good flesh! Make kings of yourselves now!

At the farm shop, you can buy ready to cook and delicious terrines and pâtés. We will also provide you valuable advice on cooking and great recipes.

Did you know?

• The gamebirds are a good source of protein and iron.
• Their very lean meat allows us to serve them with a richer sauce.
• Waterfowl are naturally fat. But, they are easily digestible fats.

Some suggestions ...

• A good pheasant stuffed with walnuts
• A good partridge deliciously spicy
• A bobwhite on B.B.Q.
• A tasty Eastern wild turkey
• A tasty Guinea fowl with cream
• A goose with fresh fruit
• A duck with honey


Flight conditioned gamebirds

For the pleasure of hunting, the gamebirds are conditioned in flight pens. Carfio offers birds to outfitters, sports associations and all companies or individuals seeking to organize a hunting party. The kinds of birds available are:

• Ringneck Pheasant
• Blue-Back Pheasant
• Chukar Partridge
• Bobwhite
• Eastern Wild Turkey

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